The “Duet” is an all-in-one wheelchair-touring bike. A unique combination that combines the robustness of a bicycle with the stability and comfort of a wheelchair.

Driving is simple and only requires the understanding that it is a touring bike with a wide turning radius and running on three wheels, so its use is recommended on even, unchanging terrain to guarantee safety.

The bicycle has seven speeds and an electric motor to make it easier for the passenger who is pedalling to climb hills and slopes. Double drum brakes guarantee safe braking. The DUET has a rear pedal brake and a brake on the same handlebar.

Its ergonomic seat ensures that the passenger is seated properly and comfortably. It has a safety strap, headrest, armrest, safety harness and adjustable footrest for a tight fit and good support. In addition, (in the case of chairs with the removable orthopaedic seat) the width of the seat allows for the placing of the chair on the seat as long as it has adaptable fixing straps that fix the chair to the seat.

The passenger with a disability must not exceed 100 kg in weight or be taller than 1.40 cm. Due to the size of the chair, it is not recommended for small children. The driver must be over 18 years old.


The Fun2Go is a two-seat tandem trike, in which the rider steers and both cyclists can pedal. Visibility between driver and passenger is excellent because the seats are next to each other.

In tandem Fun2Go comes equipped with easily adjustable comfortable seats and has excellent manoeuvrability.

This tandem is adaptable to different configurations in the use of the pedals through a traction control that manages the force and pedalling speed applied by the passenger, permitting pedalling at different speeds, at the same speed or without pedalling.

Available with electric pedalling assistance.

The maximum weight of each passenger must be less than 120 kg and the recommended height is no greater than 1.40 m. The driver must be over 18 years old.


The Midi is a tricycle suitable for children from the age of eight, young people and short adults.

Thanks to its robust design, it allows smooth, agile and safe rides on even terrain.

The arrangement of the three wheels (two wheels at the rear and one wheel at the front) generates more stability when pedalling on uneven terrain. Its comfortable seat is perfect for relieving pressure on the back, wrists and neck. The seat is provided with a safety harness.

To give the user a greater feeling of freedom but guaranteeing safety at all times, the tricycle can be used with an aid bar to control the speed.

Supports users with a maximum weight of up to 90 kg.


The Co-Pilot is a tandem with double handlebars that is very useful for walking with a person with functional diversity. It has pedalling assistance thanks to its electric motor that reduces effort by up to 50%.

With Co-pilot tandem, the passenger has an extraordinary experience on the bike and the rider is in control of the bike. The driver can set whether the passenger is driving or pedalling. The driver sits in the rear of the tandem, where he maintains an optimal view of the traffic and the passenger.

An extra stable and safe tandem. Thanks to the third wheel, both passengers can remain seated when the three-wheel tandem is stationary.

A fully adapted tandem bicycle, it is also very suitable to be used as a therapeutic tandem.

The Co-Pilot has a maximum capacity of 180 kg. Front maximum 80 kg, and rear 100 kg. The driver occupying the rear seat must be over 18 years of age.

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