Adapted Bikes

Enjoy adapted and integrated leisure in Madrid Río with the new bicycle rental service that includes adapted bikes from the Lukas Foundation from € 8 per hour and € 3 for successive hours.

Exercise, leisure and fun guaranteed!


On the Madrid Río River bike path. A beautiful natural path, breathing fresh air into our Capital


A new adventure, a different way to have fun, to socialize and make new friends and find new companions.

Guaranteed fun!


A super family and/or volunteer activity participating with foundations and associations.

A truly great idea!

Lukas Foundation is a Spanish non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with severe multiple disabilities and their families.

 Our adapted bicycles are an adapted leisure and sport resource that is available to any person or entity that wants to try it. We would love to encourage you to do so.

 If you are a mother, father, guardian or interested entity and you are reading this, we encourage you to try out our adapted bikes and see how they feel and run on the street. We are fairly certain you will not be able to bike without feeling a smile cross your face from ear to ear.

Adapted bikes really are a unique experience!

In 2021 alone, 332 people enjoyed this free-rolling fun on the streets.



The “Duet” (wheelchair and bicycle “all in one”) is a unique combination that combines the robustness of a bicycle with the stability and comfort of a wheelchair.


The Fun2Go is a fantastic two-person trike-like tandem where the driver steers and both can pedal and exercise.


The Midi is a non-electric tricycle with a modern design suitable for children and adults, which can be steered from the rear for added safety.


The Co-Pilot is a tandem with double handlebars that is very useful for walking with a person with functional diversity.

Help us to incorporate new models

Lukas Foundation wants to diversify its adapted leisure proposal by incorporating new bike models to cover any functional diversity.

We are looking to incorporate new models and would be grateful for any help you could offer us.

You can help us by proposing new models, testing them or through donations for new acquisitions.

 We would be honoured if you would join us and be part of our new and expanding fleet of bicycles.


The use of bicycles has numerous advantages and benefits both for people with disabilities and for their families and/or companions in terms of:


Therapeutic activity for people with disabilities (stimulating and relaxing effect, experimentation with the sensation of speed, etc.)

  Benefits to the cognitive and motor skills of ​​people with disabilities.

  Stimulation of the senses and change of mood (from an apathetic phase to an active phase).

  Offer respites and breaks to the families of people with disabilities by organizing outings and bike rides with volunteers from the Foundation.


Inclusive and adapted form of leisure through outings and bicycle rides with people with disabilities and their families.

  Promote the integration of people with disabilities into society through this adapted sport.

  Create ties and integration between people with different abilities and offer them volunteering in the field of leisure and adapted sports.

  Networking with various entities of people with disabilities for the use of bicycles in their activities.


Sustainable transport (greater contact with nature, without pollution, sense of freedom, adapted, provides speed and flexibility).

  Use of the resource of bicycle lanes installed by the municipality.

  Use of the wheelchair independently of the bicycle.

NEWS When dreams come true

The adapted bikes of the Lukas Foundation in the Madrid Kings Parade Twelfth Night is undoubtedly the best time to fulfill our wishes and at Fundación Lukas we can affirm it because on January 6th, we experienced a magical and unforgettable afternoon. Thanks to all...

Lukas Foundation inaugurates “Smiles on wheels” in Mobeo- Madrid Río

Inauguration of Adapted Bikes in Madrid Rio Last March 7th all enjoyed an unforgettable day on the occasion of the inauguration of the new adapted bicycle service in Madrid Río. Many families got to know this new adapted leisure resource now available at the Mobeo...

Judith Jáuregui solidarity concert on Instagram

The fantastic pianist Judith Jáuregui opened the doors of her studio to us last Thursday, June 4, to give a live solidarity concert on Instagram. She chatted with our fans, she talked about our project Smiles on wheels and delighted us live with wonderful works:...

New solidarity jewel from Wempe

We have wonderful news to end the week: the new solidarity jewels to support our adapted bicycle project are now available at Wempe jewelery in Madrid (Calle de Serrano, 58): - The elegant bracelet “SOL” by Wempe has a cost of € 44 (which represents a donation of € 22...

Our adapted bikes in Envera

Adapted bicycles have once again demonstrated that the power of inclusive sport for all is unstoppable. The current socio-sanitary situation forced us to stop the adapted bicycle rental service that began operating last March in Madrid, even so we knew that our bikes...

Rental of adapted bicycles at Mobeo – Madrid Río

After many months of waiting, we are now about to confirm that: WE ARE OPENING THE ADAPTED BICYCLE RENTAL SERVICE IN MADRID-RIO! This  pioneering form of adapted leisure allows people with disabilities or reduced mobility to enjoy a wonderful biking experience...


Alexandr Vinokurov

Gold Medal in cycling at the London’12 Olympic Games

“I imagine how many beautiful sensations a person who accesses this form of mobility for the first time can enjoy. The air, the movement, the landscape that passes quickly before the eyes. But above all the affection and the company of loved ones and friends that propel us on the road. Sport, environment and solidarity are the three vertices of a perfect triangle. “

Javier Luque,

As father of a child with cerebral palsy who did the Camino de Santiago on one of these adapted bicycles with his son.

“These bikes have certainly made a contribution to Antonio’s rehabilitation, they permit accessibility to tourism and the integration of the use of bicycles as one more family leisure activity, in turn making society aware that all the inconveniences can be overcome with enthusiasm”

AIXEC Foundation,

For people with disabilities – Valencia (has 5 adapted bicycles)

“The feeling of freedom, of being able to go anywhere, the air in your face and the option of being able to feel the speed, for us was enough. It was another way of experimenting and a very ecological way. “


Association to help care for people with cerebral palsy.

“We always leave with a huge smile. We were able to get all the children up on the bikes, and they enjoyed it a lot. We love to make use of this wonderful opportunity that you have made possible. A big thank you to the San Juan de Dios Center, we were deeply touched by their kindness. Please convey the appreciation of the entire group to the dining room staff, bike surveillance and all who collaborated “


Mother of Isabela by Numen Foundation

“For us, being part of the Parade was a magical experience… feeling the warmth of those present, the music of the applause; Thanks to the Lukas Foundation for your invitation. “


“When you see the smiles of these young people with severe disabilities riding their bikes, you realize how wonderful it is and how difficult it is for their families to get them out of their wheelchairs and do something different in their daily lives. I can see that thanks to this inclusive for of outdoor leisure, the well-being and health of these young people is improved. Observers who see them on the street in our city are simply amazed, it is clear that they too derive pleasure from watching these young men and women have such enjoyment. “


Judith Jáuregui


Luís Pasamontes

Professional cyclist

Ouka Leele

Multidisciplinary Artist

Jota (Javier García)

Professional blind cyclist


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